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  • For the conservation, appropriate use, protection and study of animals and plants of the Russian Federation, particularly their rare and endangered species the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russian Federation issued in 1992 an Order on keeping the Red Book of Russia.

    The Red Book is the official register with national importance of very rare species of flora (plants) and fauna (animals) and fungi. All information on rare, endemic or endangered plants and animals in the borders of the Russian Federation and its economic zone regularly introduces or updates in it.

    Not only nation-wide Red Book is created, also Red Books of other subjects of the Russian Federation (regional) are organized. The reissue of the Book should be held no less than 1 time every 10 years.

    Red Book can be composed of separate volumes and contain sections devoted to certain species / subspecies, populations of animals / plants that are rare or threatened. This, for example, mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, insects, fungi, Bryophyta, Moss family, etc. In total, the Book includes more than four hundred species of animals. Each species presented in the Red Book, has a color image and a map of its habitat.

    Flora and fauna entered in the Red Book not forever, they are fixed on its list with the hope of restoring the species, their size and population. Over time, if the threat of extinction of species has passed, it may be excluded from the Red Book.


    Mammals in the Red Book of Russia


    Birds in the Red Book of Russia


    Plants in the Red Book of Russia