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  • The list of animals (mammals, reptiles and amphibians) of the Russia.Red List of threatened animals of the Russia

    The list of Mammals



    Daurian hedgehog

    Japanese mole

    Russian desman

    Ussuri shrew


    Black-capped marmot

    Eurasian beaver

    Giant mole-rat

    Tarbagan marmot

    Transbaikal zokor

    Yellow steppe lemming


    Common bent-wing bat

    Geoffroy’s bat

    Greater horseshoe bat

    Greater noctule bat

    Lesser horseshoe bat

    Lesser mouse-eared bat

    Mehely’s horseshoe bat


    Altai weasel

    Amur leopard

    Arctic fox

    Caucasian wildcat


    European mink

    European otter

    Grey seal

    Harbor seal

    Jungle cat


    Marbled polecat

    Persian leopard

    Polar bear

    Ringed seal

    Sea otter

    Siberian tiger

    Snow leopard

    Steller sea lion

    Steppe weasel


    Even-toed ungulate

    Altai argali

    Bezoar ibex

    European bison

    Long-tailed goral

    Mongolian gazelle


    Siberian musk deer

    Sika deer

    Snow sheep

    Odd-toed ungulate


    Przewalski’s horse


    Atlantic white-sided dolphin

    Blue whale

    Bowhead whale

    Common bottlenose dolphin

    Cuvier’s beaked whale

    False killer whale

    Fin whale

    Gray whale

    Harbour porpoise

    Humpback whale


    North Pacific right whale

    Northern bottlenose whale

    Risso’s dolphin

    Sei whale

    Stejneger’s beaked whale

    White-beaked dolphin

    The list of Reptiles


    Aesculapian snake

    Beauty rat snake

    Blunt-nosed viper

    Caucasian gecko

    Caucasian rat snake

    Caucasian viper

    Chinese softshell turtle

    Dinnik’s viper

    Dinodon rufozonatum

    European cat snake

    Even-fingered gecko

    Gobi racerunner

    Japanese forest rat snake

    Japanese skink

    Javelin sand boa

    Medium lizard

    Mongolia racerunner

    Nikolsky’s adder

    Oriental odd-tooth snake

    Spur-thighed tortoise

    Striped snake

    The list of Amphibians


    Caucasian parsley frog

    Caucasian toad

    Fischer’s clawed salamander

    Natterjack toad

    Smooth newt

    Southern banded newt

    Southern crested newt

    Syrian spadefoot