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    Nature in Australia is diverse, interesting and unique. The reason of it is the fact that the Australian continent has significantly distanced from the other continents. This phenomenon has allowed nature to form another, not like any other continent, flora and fauna. Local animals have their unique peculiarities. Practically there are no predators among the indigenous animals, but humans had imported dogs, foxes and other animals having played a significant role in reducing the population of certain members of the local fauna. Along with the peaceful herbivores, the largest number of venomous snakes are here. The landscape, as the result of changes for millions years, consists mainly of desert, deep canyons, and tropical forests. There are the Blue Mountains at the east, their characteristic feature are flat tops. There is a coral reef – the Great Barrier Reef, at the continent. Its area is larger than the area of the Great Britain. This is the only continent where there are no active volcanoes. Briefly, nature of Australia deserves respect, interest and protection by humans.


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