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    In spite the world of Australian animals includes all representatives of the Australian fauna, in this section we will talk about higher forms of wildlife such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians. Because the mainland of Australia was isolated for a long time, the most of native species are found nowhere else. Nearly the all of native mammals at the mainland are lowly organized, they belong to marsupials and monotrematas. Such mammals as platypus and echidna lays eggs like a bird. About 90% of Australia fauna is endemic i.e. adapted only to the exact territory. As a result, local dingoes and animals imported by human such as rabbits, foxes and others, have significantly affected at the population of the local fauna. This was because the local fauna was not adapted to the protection from such predators. Reptiles are represented by 6 species of marine and 29 freshwater turtles. Also two kinds of crocodiles freshwater and marine, which is 7 meters long and can attack humans belong to reptiles. A large number of lizards of various shapes and sizes can be found here too. Australia is the only continent where the amount of venomous snakes is larger than usual snakes are. Here they are presented both terrestrial and marine representatives. Amphibians are represented by several permanent and by a few imported species.


    Mammals of Australia



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    Amphibians of Australia