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    The complexity of the natural environment of Eurasia, its challenging structure of terrain, a big contrast of temperatures – all these peculiarities affected very much the all animal world of the largest continent, making it a diverse and unique.

    The forest fauna of the different Eurasia regions distinguish very much. There are many big mammals such as deers, bears, hazels. Bamboo and Asian black bear, leopard can be found in the mountain forests and reed. Alligators, turtles, freshwater crabs, scorpions have a very large habitat. A numerous variety monkeys, a lot of reptiles, including poisonous snakes live in India and Indochina.

    Taiga forests is stretching throughout the entire continent, having rather monotony animal world. Typical fauna representatives of the Eurasian taiga are lynx, elk, bear, wolverine. The frequent dwellers of tundra are reindeer, hare, polar fox. The species composition of the desert plateaus and mountain ranges of the continent is relatively poor, with domination of ungulates and rodents. The representatives of Eurasia steppes are saiga antelope, as well as ground squirrels, various mice, steppe polecat. The fauna of the southern part of Eurasia that has strongly explicit tropical features includes many primitive predators, amphibians and reptiles, which almost not present in the northern parts of the continent.

    Many animals of Eurasia, including bison, Ussuri tiger, auroch, are on the verge of extinction. The number of mountain goats, deers, wolves and bears has reduced greatly.


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