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  • The documents for the “birds’” Red Book of the Russian Federation conducting were the Law “About the Animal World” in 1995, and a government Decree № 158 from 19.02.1996. These acts edition together with the Red Book of the Russian Federation was the ground for the conservation and protection of flora and fauna, in particular birds. The Red List of Threatened Species of the Russian Federation is a scientific program of measures for rescue and recovery of the endangered species.

    The regional lists of birds have to be protected are composing on the basis of birds list of the Red Book of the Russian Federation. Thus, in the Far East there are white-eye, ashy minivet, mandarin duck, hazelhen. These and other birds listed in the Red Book are objects that need a special protection.

    The last list of wild animals approved by the State committee Russian Federation on Environmental Protection in 1997 contains 128 birds taxons. Most of them are predators: eagles, falcons, gyrfalcons, sea eagles, vultures. There are green pages with lists of restored species at the end of the Red Book. Among them are Chinese sparrowhawk, snow goose, totally – 23 species of birds.


    Red List of Birds Threatened Species of the Russia

    Aleutian tern

    Aquatic warbler

    Asian dowitcher

    Asian paradise flycatcher

    Azure tit

    Baer’s pochard

    Baikal teal

    Bald eagle

    Bar-headed goose

    Bearded vulture

    Bewick’s swan

    Black brant

    Black stork

    Black-capped kingfisher

    Black-throated loon

    Black-winged pratincole

    Black-winged stilt

    Blakiston’s fish owl

    Brant goose

    Buff-breasted sandpiper

    Canada goose

    Caspian plover

    Caspian tern

    Cattle egret

    Caucasian grouse

    Chinese egret

    Chinese nuthatch

    Cinereous vulture

    Crested ibis

    Crested kingfisher

    Crested shelduck

    Dalmatian pelican

    Daurian partridge

    Demoiselle crane


    Eastern imperial eagle

    Egyptian vulture

    Emperor goose

    Eurasian curlew

    Eurasian eagle-owl

    Eurasian oystercatcher

    Eurasian spoonbill

    Eurasian stone-curlew

    European golden plover

    European shag

    Far Eastern curlew

    Ferruginous duck

    Glossy ibis

    Golden eagle

    Great bustard

    Great grey shrike

    Great white pelican

    Greater flamingo

    Greater spotted eagle

    Grey-faced buzzard

    Griffon vulture


    Hooded crane

    Houbara bustard

    Intermediate egret

    Ivory gull

    Jankowski’s bunting

    Japanese murrelet

    Kittlitz’s murrelet

    Latham’s snipe

    Lesser kestrel

    Lesser spotted eagle

    Lesser white-fronted goose

    Levant sparrowhawk

    Little bustard

    Little tern

    Long-billed plover

    Long-legged buzzard

    Mandarin duck

    Marbled duck

    Marbled murrelet

    Marsh grassbird

    Middle spotted woodpecker

    Mongolian lark

    Mountain hawk-eagle

    Nordmann’s greenshank

    Oriental stork


    Pallas’s fish eagle

    Pallas’s gull

    Pallid harrier

    Peregrine falcon

    Pied avocet

    Purple swamphen

    Pygmy cormorant

    Red kite

    Red-breasted goose

    Red-crowned crane

    Red-legged kittiwake

    Reed parrotbill

    Relict gull

    Rock sandpiper

    Ruddy-breasted crake

    Rufous-bellied woodpecker

    Saker falcon

    Saunders’s gull

    Scaly-sided merganser

    Short-tailed albatross

    Short-toed snake eagle

    Siberian crane

    Siberian grouse

    Slender-billed curlew

    Sociable lapwing

    Spoon-billed sandpiper

    Steller’s sea eagle

    Streaked shearwater

    Swan goose

    Swinhoe’s rail

    Swinhoe’s storm petrel

    Tawny eagle

    Tundra swan


    White-headed duck

    White-naped crane

    White-tailed eagle

    White-throated bush chat

    Willow ptarmigan

    Yellow-billed loon