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  • Red List of Threatened Species of the Ukraine is an official government document that contains the list of endangered species of animals, plants and fungi are in the territory of Ukraine, as well as general information about their areals, theirs curent state and causes of the endangered and the possibilities of their preservation.

    The first Red Book of the Ukraine publication (1980), unfortunately, was not complete and could not reflect the all flora and fauna wealth of the country. There was the second (1994) and third (2009) editions of the Red List of Threatened Species of the Ukraine due the fact that new information about endangered flora and fauna species were constantly accumulating. The latest edition comtained the list of 542 species of rare animals and 826 species of endangered plants and fungi.

    Depending on the degree of threatened with extinction all animals and plants of the Red Book are divided into following categories:

     – endangered,

    – rare,

    – vulnerable,

    – insufficiently known,

    – uncertainly recovered,

    – epiobiotic species.

    The problem of increasing the list of animals and plants of Ukraine, which are on the verge of extinction, is extremely urgent, and it is the Red book that assists to their preservation and gradual recovery.


    Mammals in the Red Book of Ukraine


    Birds in the Red Book of Ukraine


    Plants in the Red Book of Ukraine