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  • The maned wolf is a unique animal among canid.

    Maned wolf is the largest predator among its Caninae subfamily in South America. Its look is very similar to the fox because of their common origin. With relatively small sizes of 1.50 meters, this animal is rather tall: 0.6-0.8 meters. The weight of maned dog varies between 18-23 kilograms. Its distinctive features are large ears, long limbs and pointed face.

    The color of maned wolf’s hair is red with black spots. Wool itself is very soft and smooth. There is a thick hair with length of about 13 centimeters at the collar zone of the neck, what visually increases the size of the animal. Such strange look is possible to explain by the habitat of maned dog, its disproportionately long legs permits him to move through the high grass and observe the territory.

    Maned wolf is a very rare animal due to its small population and nocturnal nature. Swampy areas, savannah and plains with little bushes is maned wolves’ inhabitation. This predator does not live in forests or mountains.

    Maned wolves stay in couples, each couple has its own territory. Such families try do not cross non-owned terrain and carefully guard their private area. The wolves of a pair meet each other very rarely despite they live together within the common territory. Mostly these canid live alone, once in a while hunting together.

    Being predator, maned wolf eats birds, small rodents and reptiles, but they eat not only animal origin food; they eat bananas and other fruits with no less appetite. There were registered some accidents of predators’ aggression upon livestock, but never upon humans.

    Maned wolf comes into a reproductive period at age of one year. Gestation period lasts about two months. Litter is up to seven cubs. Cubs are born with dark wool which gradually becomes red. Kids’ birth weight is just 350 grams. The remarkable fact, birth cubs have short legs; legs are lengthening while a wolf is growing up. Cubs’ eyes expand after nine days, after three or four weeks young maned wolves become self-sufficient and can receive another feeding besides milk.

    A spices of maned dog is close to the vulnerable situation, so it’s listed in the Red Book, despite there is no threat of its extinction.