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    The largest continent of the Earth is Eurasia. Its area takes 54 million square kilometers The continent consists of two parts: Europe and Asia. The conventional border between them goes along the Ural Mountains.

    The East European Plain occupies a large area of Europe. Mountains take only 1.5% of its territory. While three quarters of the entire Asia are covered by mountains.

    The fauna of Eurasia distinguishes by its variety and unique character. Fauna is very different in deciduous forests. Typical representatives of the taiga are: bear, lynx, wolverine, squirrel. In addition, in Eurasia forests you can meet such birds as wood grouse, hazel hen, black-cock. The main representatives of forest fauna in Europe are: the brown bear, deer, forest polecat, roe deer, bison, hare, fox, and others. Brown bear is common in the mountains, most often in the Carpathians and the European part of Russia. The world of birds in Eurasia forests is very rich. Songbirds are very usual: wood warblers, thrushes, orioles.

    A typical representative of the Asian fauna is black Himalayan bear. There is also home for a bamboo bear – giant panda. Asia’s most dangerous predator is tiger. There are also leopard, rock marten, Far Eastern wildcat, spotted deer, water deer hornless, and others. There are many snakes and lizards among the reptiles. Ungulates and rodents are dominated in the Central Asia. Moreover, India is characterized by an abundance of monkeys.

    Human activity has resulted to the threat of extinction of many animal species, as well as to changes in their habitat. Moreover, in nowadays the situation is not improving.


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