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Welcome in the World of Wild Nature at our site!

It’s so many things around we’d like to know more: interesting animals, plants, impressive landscapes. You’ll introduce with exciting and unusual facts, photos, videos about various wild animals and their habitats.

Surfing through our site you’ll know new things about great rivers & high mountains, deep canyons & other nature’s masterpieces. The vegetable world of our Planet also impresses by its variety of colors and forms, from stately baobabs to fragile snow flower. Animals living on the Earth are represented by a large amount of curious and exiting species.

A great and magnificent nature that seems a powerful force independent from any outside power is, in reality, a balanced and delicate construction. So, unreasonable influence at any element can result into an imbalance of the whole ecological system.

This knowledge helps humans to understand better the world of wild nature that surrounds us. We’ll understand better the mankind’s influence at the Planet and what forces are necessary to preserve this magic world which name is Wild Nature.

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Wild Nature

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